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21 Times Karen Gillan Was Our Favorite 'Doctor Who' Nerd

The geekiest birthday girl in all of space and time.

It may be hard to believe for those who recently re-binged her early days in the TARDIS (raises hand), but as of Saturday, November 28, Karen Gillan is 28 years old. (The same age Clara Oswald was when she died. But we don't need to think about that.)

So to honor her so-called Golden Birthday, we've gone ahead and gathered her most golden of moments -- AKA, the ones where she was an even bigger "Doctor Who" nerd than we were. Because in case you didn't know it, Gillan is undoubtedly the most game Whovian in the entire Nu-Who cast, ever. Whether it's a reunion photo-op, a fan encounter, or a Dalek impersonation, she is so beyond down. And we love her for it.

  1. When all she wanted was validation from The Doctor but it wasn't in the cards.
  2. When she reunited with River Song and knew we'd be mourning their lost time ALL OVER AGAIN.
  3. When the old girl followed her around, years after her exit from the show.
  4. When she was a walking theme song.
  5. When she was a human Dalek.
  6. ... And when she did it AGAIN.
  7. When she spent her holidays with an old pal.
  8. When she spoke the ultimate truth.
  9. When she was way better at "Doctor Who"-themed pub games than Matt Smith or Arthur Darvill.

    (That's your River Song, Matt? Really?)

  10. When she had her first big post-"Who" movie debut and brought MATT SMITH as her date.
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  11. When she supported gender-bent cosplayers.
  12. ... Many of them.
  13. When she was so dedicated to the press tour that she forgot about hygiene.
  14. When she finally revealed the biggest difference between Smith and Tennant.
  15. When she was brave enough to risk the ~ future ~ .
  16. When she bonded with Billie Piper...
  17. ... And Jenna Coleman.
  18. When she lost her mind over a Whovian legend.
  19. When two Whovians found love and she was SO PUMPED.
  20. When she loved Amy Pond so much she started copying her style IRL.
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  22. And finally, when she wrote Pond family fan fiction, three years later.

Happy birthday, Kazza! We (and The Doctor) miss you dearly.