Jason Street Is Becoming Coach Taylor For The 'Friday Night Lights' Musical And We're Dancing Already

Here are five musical moments from the show that we need to see on stage.

Clear eyes, full hearts, break a leg. The Dillon Panthers are headed to the stage next year for a “Friday Nights Lights” musical based on the beloved NBC series that brought us five seasons of football/family drama.

“The Unauthorized Friday Night Lights Musical” will hit Los Angeles in 2016 (time and place TBD), courtesy of producers Jordan Ross and Lindsey Rosin, the same duo behind this year’s “Cruel Intentions” and “The O.C.” musicals.

But that’s not all — a familiar face from the original series is joining the one-night-only festivities. Scott Porter, who played paralyzed quarterback/on-off-again Lyla Gerrity BF Jason Street, will assume the role of Coach Eric Taylor, originally played by Kyle Chandler. Porter celebrated the announcement with a Dubsmash vid of him mouthing the words to Coach Taylor’s iconic pre-game motto: “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

And in case you’re wondering: YES, Porter can definitely sing (but “Hart of Dixie” fans already knew that).

Porter is the only musical cast member announced so far, but there are bound to be some more familiar faces in the rest of the cast or in the crowd once the show opens. Original “Cruel Intentions” actresses Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar reunited for the musical parody of their movie, while the “O.C.” musical brought back Autumn Reeser in the role of Julie Cooper, and was attended by Rachel Bilson, who played Summer Roberts.

Besides, we already know Porter’s still tight with some of his “FNL” buddies — maybe he can convince them to join in on the fun?!

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Details about the “Friday Night Lights” musical are still sparse, but the team behind it has already promised fans two things: it will feature songs from the original show, and it will be just as sentimental as the series — without that utterly stupid season two murder plot.

In the spirit of celebrating “FNL’s” musical moments, here are five songs from the series that we hope sneak their way into the stage show:

  1. “Friday Night Lights Theme” by W.G. Snuffy Walden

    Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT an Explosions in the Sky song — it was created by the show’s composer, and it opened each episode on the perfect note. Here’s hoping it will be resurrected for the stage.

  2. “Devil Town” by Tony Lucca

    This folky tune — a cover of a Daniel Johnson song by Texas singer/songwriter Tony Lucca — was so adored by the show’s team that it played multiple times throughout the series. It first appeared during the second episode, but its most pivotal and memorable moment was after the Dillon Panthers won the State Championship at the end of season one. It plays again, somewhat ironically, when it’s announced that the Dillon Panthers and East Dillon Lions will merge to form one big team. Ultimately, this song beautifully captures the sentiment that this town revolves around football and its beloved Panthers.

  3. “Something Good This Way Comes” by Jakob Dylan

    This gentle tune plays at the end of season three, during a moving moment between Matt Saracen and his grandmother after he frees her from the nursing home. It was a selfless decision for Matt, but one that you know will ultimately make things more difficult for him… but he was never one to shy away from sacrifice.

  4. “Heaven” by Brandi Carlile

    This Bryan Adams cover song plays when Matt proposes to Julie in front of the Alamo Freeze, after she made up for years of irritating behavior by reuniting with him in Chicago. It’s a super sweet moment made even more poignant by the lyrics, which make you forget how young they are and ultimately make you root for them: “Thinking about our younger years/ There was only you and me, we were young and wild and free.”

  5. “Devil Knows You’re Dead” by Delta Spirit

    The song that plays during the final moments of the show. Yep, it’s necessary.