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Watch Carrie Underwood Exercise With Her Baby

This mom-baby workout routine is legit.

Finding time to exercise when you've got a little one who needs your constant attention is seriously tough stuff -- speaking from experience here.

But there's one surefire way to incorporate a healthy "Heartbeat"-friendly exercise regimen into the daily parental routine and still spend some QT with an infant/toddler. Bring baby into the literal swing of things! Seriously. Mom-baby exercise seshes can be a little unpredictable at times, sure, but kids (usually) freakin' love to be active and held and to engage in playtime, so why not pick 'em up and get your cardio on at the same time?

That's exactly what Carrie Underwood's up to in this video she shared of herself and eight-month-old Isaiah hitting the gym and doing some squats together on Tuesday (Nov. 24).

As you can briefly hear in the vid, BB boy is just a-cooing over all the up-down-up-down action that's happening here, and while he's not breaking any kinda sweat himself, he's adding an extra 20 or so pounds to her core lift. Fitness and fun for everyone. ?

(Of course, there are tons of rules regarding when a wee one is big and strong enough to handle that kinda stimulation, so definitely always refer to the pros regarding infant and toddler activity limitations before trying this at home.)