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Kylie Jenner Says She Is Going To Marry Tyga

But is she being serious?

Kylie Jenner and Tyga were reportedly done with their relationship last week, and now it looks like they’re getting married. Well, that’s if you take Kylie’s word for it.

After Sunday night’s AMAs, Kylie was asked by someone — presumably a paparazzo, but who knows — if she and Tyga are getting married. Her reply? “Yes.”

Was she being sarcastic? Was she being serious? It's hard to say, really, but if you take her word for it, then she and Tyga are headed towards wedding bells. That’s wild because just last week, reports from TMZ and E! Online claimed the couple was broken up.

Following those reports, Kylie posted a b-day Snap featuring Tyga and Kris Jenner. You’ll have to recall that Kylie’s lack of b-day love for the rapper -- she didn’t show up at his party or say say anything about it on social media -- was part of the break-up madness.

Well, either they were broken up at the time, or she was just waiting for a belated celebration. Watch the b-day love go down here: