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Adele Breaks 'NSYNC's Album Sales Record…But Who Else Has Sold A Million In A Week?

Twenty albums have made it to the million club.

It's official: It is Adele's world, and we are all just living in it.

Nielsen Music reported that the "Hello" singer now holds the title for most U.S. albums sold in a single week. Her third album, 25, racked up 2.43 million albums sold in three days -- yes, just THREE DAYS!

Adele said "Bye Bye Bye" (see what I did there?) to the previous record holder, 'NSYNC, whose album No Strings Attached held the crown for over 15 years with 2.41 million albums sold in a week.

But get this: Adele's not even done. She has more than three days left in the sales-tracking week, which means that 25 will just get bigger and bigger and bigger with industry forecasters suggesting the album could finish with 2.9 million sold.

These numbers are simply staggering considering that since Nielsen Music began tracking sale purchases in 1991, only Adele and the boy band have sold over 2 million in their respective albums' first seven days of release.

But they aren't the only ones to surpass a million in the first week. There are only 20 albums, including 25, to have achieved that goal. So who is a part of the million album club? Here's a look back at all the artists.

  1. Adele, 25

    Release date: November 20, 2015

    First week sales: 2,460,000 and counting

    Standout songs: "Hello," "When We Were Young," "Water Under The Bridge"

  2. Taylor Swift, 1989

    Release date: October 27, 2014

    First week sales: 1,287,000

    Standout songs: "Shake It Off," "Blank Space," "Wildest Dreams"

  3. Taylor Swift, Red

    Release date: October 22, 2012

    First Week sales: 1,208,000

    Standout songs: "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," "I Knew You Were Trouble," "22"

  4. Lady Gaga, Born This Way

    Release date: May 23, 2011

    First week sales: 1,108,000

    Standout songs: "Born This Way," "Edge Of Glory," "You and I"

  5. Taylor Swift, Speak Now

    Release date: October 25, 2010

    First week sales: 1,046,000

    Standout songs: "Mine," "The Story Of Us," "Back To December"

  6. Lil Wayne, Tha Carter III

    Release date: June 10, 2008

    First week sales: 1,005,000

    Standout songs: "Lollipop," "A Milli," "Got Money"

  7. 50 Cent, The Massacre

    Release date: March 3, 2005

    First week sales: 1,140,000

    Standout songs: "Candy Shop," "Disco Inferno," "Just A Lil Bit"

  8. Usher, Confessions

    Release date: March 23, 2004

    First Week Sales: 1,096,000

    Standout Songs: "Yeah," "Confessions Pt. 2," "Burn"

  9. Norah Jones, Feels Like Home

    Release date: February 10, 2004

    First week sales: 1,022,000

    Standout songs: "Sunrise," "What Am I To You?"

  10. Eminem, The Eminem Show

    Release date: May 21, 2002

    First week sales: 1,321,000

    Standout songs: "Cleanin' Out My Closet," "Without Me," "Superman"

  11. 'NSYNC, Celebrity

    Release date: July 24, 2001

    First Week Sales: 1,879,000

    Standout Tracks: "Pop," "Girlfriend," "Gone"

  12. The Beatles, 1

    Release date: November, 13 2000

    First week sales: 1,258,000

    Standout songs: Basically all of them, since it's a compilation of their No. 1 songs!

  13. Backstreet Boys, Black & Blue

    Release date: November 21, 2000

    First week sales: 1,591,000

    Standout songs: "The Call," "Shape Of My Heart," "More Than That"

  14. Limp Bizkit, Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored Water

    Release date: October 17, 2000

    First week sales: 1,054,000

    Standout songs: "Take a Look Around," "My Generation," "Rollin'"

  15. Eminem The Marshal Mathers LP

    Release date: May 23, 2000

    First week sales: 1,760,000

    Standout songs: "The Real Slim Shady," "The Way I Am," "Stan"

  16. Britney Spears, Oops!... I Did It Again

    Release date: May 3, 2000

    First Week sales: 1,319,000

    Standout songs: "Oops!... I Did It Again," "Stronger," "Lucky"

  17. 'NSYNC, No Strings Attached

    Release date: March 21, 2000

    First week sales: 2,415,000

    Standout songs: "Bye Bye Bye," "It's Gonna Be Me," "This I Promise You"

  18. Backstreet Boys, Millennium

    Release date: May 18, 1999

    First week sales: 1,133,000

    Standout songs: "I Want It That Way," "Larger Than Life," "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely"

  19. Garth Brooks, Double Live

    Release date: November 17, 1998

    First week sales: 1,085,000

    Standout songs: "The Dance," "Friends In Low Places," "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

  20. Whitney Houston, The Bodyguard

    Release date: November 17, 1992

    First week sales: 1,061,000

    Standout songs: "I Will Always Love You," "I Have Nothing," "I'm Every Woman"