Watch Adele Get Caught In A Lie On 'The Tonight Show'

She couldn't keep a straight face.

Adele is definitely a much better singer than she is a liar.

In an appearance on "The Tonight Show," the singer slayed with her performance of "Water Under the Bridge." But she didn't do quite so well as a competitor in "Box of Lies," Jimmy Fallon's signature game involving creative deception.

After getting caught in a half-lie on her first round, Adele opted for radical honesty on her second turn when she pulled a box that contained a stuffed giraffe wearing donut necklaces -- and got nailed again.

We're kind of glad it played out this way, though. Not only because "three donuts" sounds super-cute in Adele's Cockney accent, but because her reaction to losing is priceless. Check it out below.