Jennifer Lawrence And Emma Stone Hung Out With Adele: See The Pics!

Squad goals doesn't even begin to describe it.

A Mexican restaurant in New York City became a celebrity singularity last night (Nov. 23), as Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Adele all met up for a girls' night out.

J-Law and Emma were joined by Adele after she wrapped her appearance on "The Tonight Show," where they formed the world's greatest star squad: a bond made up of equal parts friendship, Oscar nominations, and guacamole.

The paparazzi didn't crash their dinner party, but a savvy photog managed to snap some pics of the trio as they exited the restaurant. Here's your proof that this epic collision of lady power did, in fact, happen.

  • Adele led the way in a pair of high-top Converse, flanked by J-Law (and somebody's hot bodyguard.)
    Josiah Kamau/Getty Images
  • And behind Jennifer, Emma!
    Josiah Kamau/Getty Images
  • They make for one stylish lineup.
    Josiah Kamau/Getty Images
  • Incredibly, one car was enough to contain all this awesomeness.
    Josiah Kamau/Getty Images