Mouths Wide Open: 7 Times 'Finding Carter' Made Our Jaws Drop

Jared did WHAT?!

And you thought last week's "Finding Carter" was shocking.

Just seven days ago, our mouths fell to the floor when Bird's DJ boyfriend Seth died after taking a bad batch of molly (but remember, kids, there's no such thing as a good batch of molly). Now, after tonight's episode, we can honestly say we were astonished more times than we can count. Well, almost. Here are the top seven moments that made us say "OMG!":

  1. Jared reveals his inner dirtbag.

    Past clues that Jared is pond scum: He concealed his marriage, he carries a gun and he has no respect for the dead dragged Seth's body outside so cops wouldn't find it at the rave. Newest clue: HE'S the one who sold Seth the drugs. Yeah, that about settles it.

  2. Carter and Max get caught searching for criminal evidence.

    You think Jared bought that line about them just looking for booze for Seth's memorial? Yeah, we don't think so either.

  3. Jared throws Carter under the bus.

    In an effort to save his own ass, the dirty stinking liar told police that Carter knew drugs were being sold at the church rave. He made that up, of course, but that goes hand-in-hand with being a dirty stinking liar, right?

  4. Elizabeth and Lori do THE UNTHINKABLE.

    With Carter in seriously deep you-know-what, the two teamed up and *GASP* momentarily looked past their differences. Which means that hell just froze over and, somewhere, pigs are FLYING.

  5. Lori grabs a gun, almost uses Jared for target practice.

    Okay, so Liz and her new BFF cohort were just playing good cop/crazy b-tch with Jared, but for one glorious moment, didn't you totally think Lori was going to shoot the d-bag? #JusticeForSeth

  6. Bird is filling up her nest (sorry, we had to).

    MAJOR bombshell: The now-in-mourning party girl is pregnant. All together now: Whoaaaa.

  7. He's baaaaack.

    Jared was arrested and supposedly headed to prison, so why was he free as a bird and spying on Carter at the end of the episode? And more importantly, where's Lori (and that gun) when you need her?

Which moment made your jaw drop? And do you think Jared is going to seek revenge on Carter? Plus, can Bird make it on her own? Head to the comments and start talking "Finding Carter," then be sure to catch an all-new episode Tuesday at 10/9c!