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7 Reasons We Need Colton Haynes To Join 'The Flash'

All we want for Christmas is Roy Harper on 'The Flash.'

Have you heard the news?! Precious cinnamon roll Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) is back in Vancouver this week to film some new "Arrow" stuff.

We cannot wait to see Roy Harper back in Star City, but we can't help wishing Arsenal would pop over to Central City while Colton's in town. And stay for forever.

Here are seven reasons we want Colton Haynes to join the cast of "The Flash"...

  1. First of all, we miss Colton's face.

    Let's just get this one out of the way. Sure, we could just follow Colton on social media or whatever, but we'd rather also see that handsome mug on a weekly basis on our TV screens. You know, if we have the option. Which we kind of don't. (You do you, Colton. We're just letting you know where we stand here.)

  2. He can't stay in Star City.

    We're not going to lie: having Roy return full time to "Arrow" is kind of the ultimate dream. However, he's supposed to be dead or whatever, so it would be kind of tricky. We're not saying "Arrow" couldn't get around this little detail — after all, this is a show that steals its characters back from the jaws (or intestinal system) of death on a near-episodic basis — but we kind of like to maintain some internal logic, so we're not going to push. And, if we can't have Roy on "Arrow," then we want him on "The Flash."

  3. "The Flash" would get an even more tangible "Arrow" connection.

    The Flarrow universe is perhaps the best realized example of a television shared universe, but that doesn't mean we would say no to even more references and links between the respective shows. If Roy were in "The Flash," we could get even more references to his friends back home. We'd have even more reasons to see these casts cross over on a more casual basis — i.e. when the world isn't about to end or whatever. And we wouldn't say no to some phone convos between Roy and Felicity every once in a while.

  4. Roy would bring a different vibe to "The Flash."

    No, not that kind of vibe. (Don't worry, Cisco.) We're talking more along the non-supernatural vibe. Right now, the Wests are the characters primarily holding down the non-supernatural fort. Sure, Cisco has only just starting using his metahuman powers and Caitlin has yet to turn into Killer Frost (also, it could be Earth-2 Caitlin who is Killer Frost), but we know from "Arrow" experience how quickly a superhero show can turn all-superhero.

    This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can be easy to lose touch with some of the more relatable, grounded aspects of drama when this happens. Roy is one of the most grounded characters in the Flarrow universe. Even when he's dressing up in red leather, he seems real. We credit Colton Haynes for that.

  5. We never had a chance to explore Roy's class identity.

    One of the most interesting (and neglected) elements of Roy's character is his working class identity. He grew up in The Glades, the poorest part of Star City. "Arrow" never really took advantage of that unique narrative opportunity, instead keeping Roy very much in the world of Team Arrow and rarely bringing up any personal information about Roy up. I'm still waiting to hear more about what happened to Roy's parents. Was there any truth in that story Roy told Thea about his mother in season 1?

    A series regular spot on "The Flash" would give the Flarrow Powers That Be another chance to explore Roy's backstory and class identity. We've seen the show embrace a working class character with Jax. Maybe the show could take another more in-depth stab with Roy's character?

  6. Team Flash could give Roy a home.

    As cool and mysterious as TV makes it look, starting over in a new place without any one to trust is a hard struggle. We're worried about poor Roy. We know, physically, he will be fine. But what about his emotional health? After struggling for seemingly so long by himself in The Glades without family, we don't want Roy to ever have to go without a support system ever again. Team Flash is particularly good at family. Sign him up for all of Joe West's pep talks!

  7. Let's be real: Team Flash needs all of the help they can get.

    Did you see Zoom? That guys is seriously scary. We're not saying Roy would be able to take on the big bad, but he would be an asset for the team — and that's the only way Team Flash is going to be able to take Zoom down: together. Not to mention Roy is someone Team Flash knows they can trust, and trust can be just as important as power when it comes to these life-or-death battles. Scratch that: trust is more important than power when it comes to these life-or-death battles.