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This Popular Holiday Toy Could Ruin Your Niece Or Nephew's Hair

Maybe just stick with that Elsa costume.

If you have young children in your life, you may be familiar with Bunchems. They're little fuzzy balls that can be connected and squished together to form art projects or structures.

These simple yet addictive toys have enjoyed some critical success. According to the Wall Street Journal, the toy review site TTPM gave Bunchems four and a half stars, and Target included them in their list oftop holiday toys for 2015.

Some parents of Bunchems owners say the balls come with a literal catch, though -- their spiky surfaces easily get caught in kids' hair. Parents everywhere are posting images of their distraught kids with a tangled head full of the things.

Even Spin Master, the company that makes Bunchems, has admitted that they are prone to creating snarls. The company released a video in August that explains how to get them out of hair. (Hint: lots and lots of conditioner.)

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