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12 Things You Didn't See At The AMAs

Here's the stuff that happened when the cameras were off.

By Maria Sherman

The American Music Awards might be one of the biggest shows out there, but most of the magic occurs behind the scenes. What happens when the cameras turn off and the world's most powerful, influential artists are next to each other?

A lot. MTV News was there, and here's everything that you didn't see on TV on Sunday night:

  1. The seats were super close
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    Fans and celebs were seated really, really close to each other. Of course, the music industry elite were closer to Bieber than the rest of us regular joes, but he was in eye sight the entire night. Really!

  2. Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth's kiss

    The Meghan Trainor / Charlie Puth kiss continued long after the camera left them. It wasn't until after the lights were off that they stopped going at it, and even then there was some lingering. Our new fave couple? Perhaps!

  3. Remembering J.Lo's AMA past

    While you were watching commercials, we were watching AMA performances past. The first couple of blocks were dedicated just to women: Bey's "Single Ladies," Rihanna's "Diamonds," Cyndi Lauper doing "Time After Time." At one point they were just showing JLO gigs. That, paired with host Jennifer Lopez's opening remarks about wanting to inspire "a little girl from the Bronx or wherever" made the night feel feminist.

  4. No love for pop dudes?
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    Stigma surrounding more unpopular genres still exists. It was hard to get the adults to stand up for One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, even though they received some of the loudest screams.

  5. Seat fillers abound

    During each break, seat fillers would move around from section to section to give the show the illusion of mobility. You never knew who would pop on by!

  6. Nick Jonas and Meghan Trainor BFF it up

    Meghan Trainor and Nick Jonas were chit-chatting almost the entire time, though we did see Trainor leave his side to talk to Diplo. Is a collaboration in the works? Here's hoping!

  7. No alcohol allowed

    Regardless of the glamour, the space was dry! Alcoholic beverages were available at the very beginning of the show, but once doors opened it was all over. Everyone was on their best behavior.

  8. Luke Bryan did a jig

    When Luke Bryan won Favorite Male Artist - Country, he did a little jig as he exited the stage. It was very dorky and very endearing. The guy's a wiggler.

  9. The scene after Celine Dion's Paris tribute
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    After Celine Dion's powerful performance in tribute to Paris, the hall remained quiet. Many got weepy (looking at you, Demi Lovato.) It really resonated: Instead of the loud talking and crowded halls, everyone continued to sit in remembrance.

  10. Justin Bieber hugged all his dancers

    At the end of Bieber's performance, he stood, hunched over, alone in the rain. When he did move, it was to pick up his hat and hug each of his dancers, one by one. The only other person to show that much affection to their team was Nick Jonas: He made sure to embrace his "Jealous" choir.

  11. A rock 'n roll friendship we're all about
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    It looked like 5 Seconds of Summer and Walk the Moon were getting along famously, talking whenever there was a chance to. It makes sense: When you're making rock music in a time where rock music isn't popular, wouldn't you want some rainbow-haired allies?

  12. 1D's performance definitely felt like farewell
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    One Direction's performance felt like a real goodbye. At one point Harry Styles covered his mouth with a sigh, not like he was bored but as if he was tired. We'll miss you on your break, boys!