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22 Utterly WTF Moments From Miley Cyrus' 22nd Year

As Miley Cyrus turns 23, let's look back on 22.

Miley Cyrus had a big 2015, and I don't say that lightly.

In fact, it's hard to even fathom a year for Miley bigger than 2013, which saw her leap colorfully into the adult realm of pop music via Bangerz ("Adore You," anyone?) take home a VMA for Video Of The Year ("Wrecking Ball" still gets it done) and twerk her way right into retirement (for twerking, of course).

But 2015 just might rival all that. Why? Because Miley's year -- also her 22nd year on the planet -- was full of utterly WTF moments that kept us talking and scratching our heads for 12 months. And as she enters her 23rd on Monday (Nov. 22), it's worth a look back at what led us here. HBD, Miley!

  1. Rocking a pasty-dragonfly outfit.

    Miley debuted "Tiger Dreams" back in March while in this outfit. Fitting.

  2. Pablow's ode...in a unicorn onesie.
    Backyard Sessions

    The song to Miley's deceased fish is actually very sweet and poignant. The onesie is not.

  3. The third eye Paper mag cover.

    And let's not forget the pig.

  4. When she was Justin Bieber.
  5. That crazy f--king jacket.

    With tons and tons of special details.

  6. When her bedazzled eyepatch was the most normal thing about this photo.

    And, again, the pasties.

  7. When she was an "alien green monster."

    Her words, man.

  8. Corn on the cob.

    Because sure.

  9. Becoming Green Man to announce her VMAs hosting gig.
  10. And then hosting the VMAs in a variety of absolutely...
    Getty Images
  11. ...outrageous...
  12. ...collections of clothing.
    Getty Images
  13. Basically becoming Monica Lewinsky to find out how people feel about her.
  14. "Nicki, congratu-f--king-lations."
  15. The world premiere of "Dooo It!"
  16. Passing a lit J to reporters in the VMA press room.
  17. When she had us starstruck.
  18. Becoming the sun.
  19. That whole, uh, fake genitalia outfit.
  20. Surprise-dropping Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.
  21. Two words: Milky milk.

    And every bizarre costume change she's undergone during the Dead Petz tour.

  22. Wrapping it all up with a trippy music video.

    Actually, when you compare it to everything above, "Lighter" seems relatively normal.