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No One Bungles A Lord Of The Rings Reference On Stephen Colbert's Watch

Professor Colbert schools scientists in the art of naming things after Tolkien characters.

Watch out, scientists. If you’re going to name a newly discovered species of spider after a "Lord Of The Rings" character, better make sure you pick the right one — or Professor Colbert will call you out.

On Wednesday, scientists in Brazil announced the discovery of a new species of arachnid, which they’d called iandumoema smeagol — named, of course, after the crawling, ring-obsessed creature that guides Frodo and Sam to Mordor in J.R.R. Tolkien’s "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy. The resemblance is on point, but there’s just one problem: Smeagol was the name of the character before he was transformed by the power of the ring into the wretched quadruped known as Gollum.

Not one to let a misplaced Tolkien reference go unnoticed, Stephen Colbert went on a righteously angry rant about the ill-fitting name on “The Late Show” Friday night. "You don’t discover a venemous snake and name it Anakin,” he said. "You name it Darth Vader.”

Another problem? There’s already a spider in the "Lord Of The Rings" universe that could have easily lent her name to this new species: Shelob. "I thought you guys were scientists,” Colbert said. "This is sad."

Watch his impassioned critique of these so-called scientists below.