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Move Over, A — 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Now Want To Know 'Who Is Tod?'

Troian Bellisario introduced the fandom to 'Tod,' a mysterious person who wants a lot of autographed photos.

After following the exploits of Rosewoods' elite for the past five years, it's safe to say we've grown close to the "Pretty Little Liars" squad. And with the upcoming Season 6B only a few months away, we're counting down the days until we see Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison back in action again.

One fan is using his "PLL" hiatus time wisely, sending fan mail to Troian Bellisario, hoping for autographed photos of Spencer Hastings herself. "Tod" will be pleased to know Bellisario received his fan mail, and is signing autographs for him and sharing the pics on Instagram. But, there's a slight catch that might be awkward for him, yet entertaining for us.

Bellisario signed the five (!!) photos, but created an mini-Instagram narrative in the process. To be fair, Tod kind of brought it on himself with the first pic he wanted signed.

  • First rule of autograph signing: Make sure you have the correct celeb.

    Get it together, Tod. That's clearly Josie Loren from "Make It Or Break It," according to numerous comments on Instagram. Bellisario captioned this pic, "Sometimes signing fan mail is the best," and we couldn't agree more.

  • The next photo Tod presumably sent was actually of Bellisario. ???

    See the difference, Tod?

  • Tod's third photo started to pique Bellisario's curiosity. (And ours too, TBH.)

    He could just be a super fan, or he's trying to get some badass Christmas presents for people, but we can't help wondering if this isn't the same kind of stuff "A" would pull. In fact, several Instagram comments ~jokingly~ claim Tod is A. (So, I guess we're just gonna ignore that insane Season 6A finale where we find out CeCe Drake is actually A?)

  • Photo #4 was when Bellisario started asking the real questions.

    Seriously, Tod. What's up with all of these? Bellisario captioned this, "Tod asks a lot," which makes us think this kind of multiple fan mail photo signing business doesn't happen often. We assume people are just "one and done" kind of autograph seekers. Are we way off base here? Is Tod actually the majority? WE DON'T KNOW.

  • Tod's last photo request prompted Bellisario to keep it ? — even though we completely disagree with her.

    First off, this is a gorgeous photo, Troian, so what in the world are you talking about, saying you hate it? Second, Tod, what's good? Are all these photos actually for you? If so, where will you put them? In a special binder or framed on your wall? We need to know, Tod. I feel like we've bonded over this.

    Also, is it safe to say Spencer is your favorite Liar on the show, Tod? Or, are you in cahoots with CeCe-as-A, and are planning some wicked attack in Season 6B? Please answer, Tod. The people need to know!

Waiting for Tod to respond like...

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