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Is Kylie Jenner Bumpin’ Trap Soul To Get Over Tyga?

Kylie's singin' along to Bryson Tiller.

Fans have been anxiously waiting to see how Kylie Jenner would respond to reports of her break-up with Tyga. Well, she appeared to react to it all on Instagram today with a short, but intriguing video.

In the clip, Kylie shows us a sunset and a vid-selfie. But the most compelling part of it all is the song she's bumpin' in the background, Bryson Tiller’s “Overtime” off Trap Soul.

The lyrics we hear are particularly interesting given the day she's had:

"Now I done caught feelings worth more than millions/ And I feel it, you hurtin' and I've been healin'."

In a different clip she posted on Snapchat, Kylie was bumpin’ another Bryson Tiller track off the album. This time it was “Been That Way.”

The line she chose to have on there was also pretty telling:

“I wanna know how we became so distant.”

To be fair, it's unclear if these are actually responses to the break-up reports, but it would be quite the coincidence, right?

While you wait for her full statement on the break-up -- if it ever comes -- just revisit the year of Kyga with this timeline of their relationship. Or, you can join Kylie and bump all of Bryson Tiller's Trap Soul project here: