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These Men Trying On The Clip-In Man Bun Are As Confused About It As You Are

These are *nothing* like Harry Styles' or Jared Leto's magnificent buns.

When news of the most absurd hair accessory ever came out -- the clip-in man bun -- people across the internet were amused, perplexed and mostly horrified. As you'll see in the below clip however, some people took out their wallets.

PopSugar Girls' Guide sat down a few brave men and had them try on the clip-in man bun IRL. Before springing those controversial little loaves of hair on them, each fella was asked their opinions on man buns in general.

"I have never wanted a man bun," one of the victims participants, Ric, said. "I guess I don't get to experiment with my hair as much as everybody else does."

After being given a $9.99 bun (valued at $65.34!), Ric and the other guys put it on -- and Ric suddenly figures out why he doesn't change his hair too often. ?

Watch the hilarious video below.

JSYK, here's what a man bun is supposed to look like:


You're welcome.

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