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Harry Styles' New Fancy Pants Are Making A Lot Of People Feel A Lot Of Things

Harry Styles' love of printed shirts is well documented, but during One Direction's appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday night (Nov. 19), he went with a new look: printed pants.

The black-and-white floral jacquard pants are from Dolce & Gabbana, cost a cool $1,195, and drove One Direction fans into a straight up tizzy. (Same, TBH.)

Here are the best responses to the pants—they successfully sum up the range of emotions you go through when you see your fave in, y'know, literal fancy pants.

  1. Some people are just blessed
  2. Not that you need a reminder, but...
  3. Those pants > everything I own
  4. Hey, those pants look familiar...
  5. Like, way too familiar
  6. His impact is undeniable
  8. ATTN: Fashion industry
  9. What other pants have this effect?
  10. Same
  11. Co-signed!!!