Scans: Billy Corgan, Cypress Hill, Richard Davies, MC5, C-Tec...

Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan will play a rare solo

acoustic show at the Viper Room in Los Angeles on Thursday night (Jan. 15).

Pumpkins spokeswoman Gayle Fine said passes to the event are being given

away hourly by KROQ radio, but that some tickets would be available at the


Cypress Hill DJ and producer

Muggs has completed two tracks for the forthcoming Bulworth

movie starring Warren Beatty. One tune -- "Critic (They Talk About It While We

Live It)" -- features KRS-One, Wu-Tang Clan's Method

Man, Prodigy from Mobb Deep and Ice Cube

alum Kam; "Wishire Rap" features Beatty himself along with MC Mr.

Ricks. In addition, Cypress Hill rapper B-Real also

contributed a cut to the soundtrack, a solo number called "Lunatics In The

Grass." The Cypress Hill producer has also been working on cuts for upcoming

albums by KRS-One and Goodie Mob ... In other Cypress

news, B-Real and percussionist Bobo dropped in on The

Psycho Realm's Mr. Duke and Jacken during their

opening slot for the Insane Clown Posse on Jan. 10-11 in Philadelphia

and Washington D.C. ...

The London Suede's version of Noel

Coward's "Poor Little Rich Girl" has been mothballed as the first single from the

AIDS benefit album, 20th Century Blues -- The Songs of Noel Coward,

because band members say they don't have enough time to promote it due to

their commitment to recording a new album. The single was due to kick off the

campaign for the album, which benefits the Red Hot AIDS charity, and is

scheduled for release in the U.K. on April 13 ...

Former Moles and Cardinals member Richard Davies

will release his second album of baroque pop, Telegraph, on March 24.

The 10-track album features extensive collaboration with ex-Flaming

Lips guitar virtuoso Ronald Jones ... Total Energy Records is

readying a two-volume release of Detroit rock entitled Motor City's Burnin'

1968-1998, the first volume of which will be released on Feb. 5. The initial

offering presents the roots of Motor City garage-rock, with tracks from

MC5, Iggy & the Stooges, The Sonic Rendezvous

Band, The Up, The Mutants and Motor Dolls. The

second volume (Feb. 23) is scheduled to include tracks from ? & The

Mysterians, Detroit w/ Mitch Ryder, The Rockets, The

Gories, The Hentchmen and Ten High ...

The Farm Dogs, the group led by Elton John co-lyricist

Bernie Taupin, will release their sophomore album, Immigrant

Sons, on Feb. 3 ... C-Tec, a band featuring members of Front

242, Cubanate and Crisis N.T.I., will release their

appropriately titled album of dark, aggressive dance music, Darker, on

Jan. 20. -- Gil Kaufman and Chris Nelson

Color="#720418">[Thurs., Jan. 15, 1998, 9 a.m. PST]

Pearl Jam have added a second show (Feb. 21) to their Maui, Hawaii, tour stop in support of their upcoming album, Yield ... In other tour news, Patti Smith has temporarily canceled her January and February concert appearances on the West Coast for "personal reasons," according to a spokeswoman for Arista Records. "It's just postponed and she's planning on rescheduling," Chloe Comins said ... The recent ice storm that has crippled much of the Northeastern U.S. and Canada put a halt to the Rolling Stones concert in Montreal on Sunday when officials noticed that ice had penetrated the roof of Olympic Stadium. The Stones canceled two earlier dates this month when singer Mick Jagger was diagnosed with laryngitis ...

What the World Needs Now (Jan. 20) is the name of a tribute to legendary songsmith Burt Bacharach by artists signed to the Big Deal label (distributed by TCI Music, parent company of SonicNet/Addicted To Noise). Among the artists contributing new and exclusive tracks are Shonen Knife, BMX Bandits, Wondermints, Cockeyed Ghost and The Vandalias ... World Domination Recordings is re-issuing the out-of-print final album from Shriekback, Sacred City, on Jan. 20. The band's seventh album, out of print since 1993, features the original lineup of Barry Andrews (XTC), Dave Allen (Gang of Four), Martyn Barker and honorary member Karl Hyde, later of Underworld -- Chris Nelson and Gil Kaufman [Wed., Jan. 14, 1998, 9 a.m. PST]