Iggy Azalea And Rita Ora Tease Coordinated 'Black Widow' Video Looks

Photo: @thenewclassic's Instagram

While "Fancy" has dominated the charts for the past seven weeks, it looks like we'll soon have another Iggy Azalea single to sing in the car this summer. Both Iggy and Rita Ora—who is featured in the song—just teased an image for their forthcoming "Black Widow" video and, wow, we are definitely in for something great. I mean, Rita and Iggy in one video—can we handle it?

The teaser cartoon features the duo in coordinated black and red jumpsuits—it's very Kill Bill, no? We already know Iggy is a pro at recreating movies in her videos, maybe we'll get some sword fights in this one? Fingers crossed Iggy and Rita are on the same team—they'd be pretty unstoppable, IMHO.

Both ladies were very discreet about the news, simply adding "#comingsoon" to their captions. How soon is soon, you guys? After slipping us such an unexpected image, I don't think the world can handle a long wait.

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