Hurry Up And Snag A Throwback LeBron James Cavs Jersey Before They All Cost A Bajillion Dollars

He's back.
Photo: Getty Images

The decision is in. LeBron James is headed BACK to the Cleveland Cavaliers. I'll be honest, I personally am not a LeBron fan (*winces, ducks for cover*), but for the days between announcing he would opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat and play the field as a free agent, I couldn't help feeling I was being held emotionally hostage by the impending move. Was it all a power move to renegotiate with the Heat? Would he hop to yet another team? Was there actually a chance that he could sign with—*GASP*—my Lakers??? Every scenario seemed up for grabs. But the only one that felt "right"—in what felt like everyone's eyes, not just James'—was a grand homecoming to Ohio.

There are a lot of things you might be doing to commemorate the big ~return~: tweeting about it, reading his announcement (way better move than a televised special—you live, you learn, right?), or stalking throwbacks from his first time around with the Cavs on eBay. If you're like us and working on a combination of all three, might I suggest you focus a little on the shopping portion? Not just because we're a ~style authority~, but like, financially, the faster you act, the less you're likely to pay because there are a few variables that make these potentially very valuable.

For one, since he's been playing under #6 with the Heat, we have no idea whether LeBron will also make a homecoming to his Cavs #23. No one else on the team is wearing the number, but who knows if he'll want to give this new era a symbolic fresh start with a new number. Also, remember what happened to his #23 jerseys when he DID move to Miami? Yea... That means, whatever's on eBay survived all that (i.e. didn't get torched). #veryrare


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