Nicki Minaj Wears Multiple Outfits To Launch Her New Fragrance On HSN

Emma Watson

Nicki Minaj looking camera-ready for her HSN special.
Photo: @nickiminaj's Instagram

Remember a few weeks back when Nicki Minaj announced not one but two new perfumes within a 24-hour span? She made her debut on HSN last night to hawk the fragrances on live television and it was spectacular. In addition to selling bust-shaped bottles, Nicki took the opportunity to give her fans—who stayed up all night to place their orders—valuable life advice like "put your best foot forward," "always be independent," and the classic ol' "stay in school." At one point, her co-host actually got so choked up she started crying? It was very late at night, I dunno.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj on HSN.
Photo: HSN's Twitter

Anyway, she took over everyone's favorite shop-from-home network at midnight wearing a two-tone bodycon number by Fausto Puglisi and returned to the screen at noon today in a totally different, much more ~daytime~ look. (You didn't really think she'd wear the same thing twice, did you?!)

And FYI, though her Onika Nicki Minaj scent isn't available until September, you can order Minajesty Exotic right this second. And you should. Take it from Nicki: "I hope this fragrance inspires my Barbz to feel positive and fearless. Every girl loves the thrill of adventure. Exotic, to me, represents that crazy feeling you get from taking a risk and getting out of your comfort zone."

So what exactly does the thrill of adventure smell like? "An exotic fruity floral musk that reigns with mouthwatering fruits and a luscious floralcy, glimmering in the sensuous warmth of sheer musk." Floralcy is my new favorite word.

Here's to hoping we get another gem of a commercial like we did with her first fragrance. Even though you've already seen it 10 thousand times, you should watch it again, because it's the best.

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