These Cryptic Alexander Wang x H&M Teaser Photos Are Delightfully Frustrating

Photo: @HM’s Instagram

Alexander Wang and H&M have been teasin’ the heck out of us lately, and we like it. Well, kind of. It all started three months ago when A. Wang announced via Instagram that he would be collaborating with H&M on a clothing and accessories collection come fall (November 6, to be exact!). While simultaneous screams were heard ’round the world, things have been pretty hush-hush since the initial announcement. Until, well, right now.

Photo: @HM’s Instagram

All week long, H&M and Wang have been posting very, um, interesting teaser photos on their Instagrams, and by “interesting,” we mean we don’t know what is happening in any of them. From the initial video, it was clear by the stadium lights and scoreboard that Alex’s collection would center around sportswear, but we weren’t prepared when H&M released a “detail” shot that says “WANG” boldly across some strap to something that holds another thing. We think it’s a yoga mat, but our next guess would be a tire so obviously we are terrible at this game. H&M also posted a photo of boxing gloves, but they look miniature. Like they’re for puppies. IS THAT WHAT THIS IS? PUPPY BOXING GLOVES? (JK, we can tell it’s a keychain [we think] so stop freaking out.)

Photo: @AlexanderWangNY’s Instagram

Alexander Wang also posted a teaser photo to his Instagram, and we must admit it was the least helpful of them all. Like, c’mon, man. Give us more than just your gorgeous logo on a cryptic object with dramatic lighting drenched in the Inkwell filter. We learned next to nothing from these “photos,” Alex. We need more, and we need ’em stat. Oh, and next time, can you make sure to take, like, a full shot of the piece in daytime lighting with the Valencia filter? Thanks! Love you! Bye!

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