Will Usher Bring His Raccoon Hat With Him To The 2014 VMAs?

Wow. In case you hadn't heard, Usher is going to perform at the 2014 VMAs. We've been thinking about Usher a lot lately, anyway. First of all, there's the "Good Kisser" remix by Disclosure. There's also the collab between Usher, Pharrell, and Nicki Minaj ("She Came to Give It To You") that already seems to be a floor burner. (Seriously, it's so catchy). But the one thing we really can't get out of our minds? That hat Usher keeps wearing.

Usher performing at the 2014 BET Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

He's been taking a page out of the Pharrell playbook by resurfacing vintage headgear. And while Ush may have had his raccoon cap since February, he’s been getting some serious mileage out of it. He’s been spotted in the cap while doing press to promote season six of The Voice, during a late night appearance with Jimmy Fallon, and, most recently, at the BET Awards. Where Usher goes, the hat goes. But does that mean it'll make the trip to Inglewood in August?

Inspiration: DJ Bobcat.
Photo: @howuseeit Instagram

Sure, fur in August is not common, but he did just wear it to the BET Awards. That’s dedication. Also, it doesn't seem like Ush is with the hat for the long haul—he's been sharing the hat's history on Instagram. Ush made a point to highlight his fashion forefathers with '80s throwbacks that include the L.A. Posse, DJ Bobcat, and—my personal favorite—the Fat Boys. He's also been sharing photos of others wearing his hat and seems to think it's a #fashionepidemic, so it def seems like he's in it for the long haul.

So, we salute you, Usher: King of the Wild Frontier. We'll just have to wait and see what you wear at the VMAs—we are very excited. But before we go, we gotta know: Is the tail snap-off?


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