Lydia Is A Print-Mixing Master On 'Teen Wolf'

Teen Wolf

How does she do it?
Photo: MTV

Wow. Is it just me or was last night's Teen Wolf, like, extremely frightening? Granted, I don't rush out to see scary movies because I, uh, don't enjoy feeling scared, but since I watch Teen Wolf for the shirtless locker room scenes my job, I endured the entire thing. Amid all the blood and razor-sharp teeth was something light and something patterned—I'm talking, of course, about Lydia's outfit.

When she's not sharing her math notes with all of her friends, Lydia must study up on Solange-level print pairing. Where else would she find the inspiration to match a lavender polka-dot shirt with a floral skirt? I mean, come on—that takes a very high level of skill.

The secret (I think) is the purple: There's a touch of a similar shade in the flowers on her skirt. Sure, she's discovering rooms that are filled with dead bodies hanging from the ceiling (I know, right?), but she looks great while doing so.

See for yourself—watch episode three of Teen Wolf below!


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