Miley Cyrus Was In The IRL Plastics From 'Mean Girls'

Miley Cyrus

Now Miley can wear pink whenever.
Photo: @mileycyrus' Instagram

Between all of the theme-park-scaled stage sets, dangerously narrow bodysuits, and intimate interviews with Miley Cyrus (clad in her undergarments and a rainbow tiara), there was a lot to take in from the Bangerz Tour documentary on NBC. So, it's entirely plausible you missed the bit where Miley compares her elementary school experience to Mean Girls—she was in the IRL Plastics, essentially.

Like Mean Girls, Miley's sixth grade crew had designated pink days and repeat outfits were forbidden. You'd get kicked out, she revealed, if you didn't wear pink in your yearbook picture. The rules in Miley's group were hardcore enforced.

"I only had one pink shirt and I had accidentally worn it the day before thinking it was picture day and then I had to wear it again and then I got bumped. I had to choose: Either I wasn't going to wear pink for the picture or I was going to wear the same thing for the picture. I chose to wear the same thing twice and [thought] hopefully they would understand—[but] they kicked me out."

Way harsh, Miley's friends! The silver lining? It was during this period that Miley developed superior closet organizational skills.

"I used to have a number on all of the tags and hangers on my clothes so they would stay organized," she said. "I would put on my calendar the number of the clothes that I [was going to] wear that day so I could go back and see if I'd ever worn that number before...Now my closet is just alphabetized."

Well, yeah, that sounds way more functional than my current system of throwing things to the bottom of my closet after I wear them. Seriously though, if Miley ever wanted a break from music, she could easily start her own closet-organizing empire. I'm ready to sign up now.

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