Kristen Stewart Chopped Her Hair Off

Short hair, really don’t care.
Photos: Getty Images

The short hair club has a new inductee, y’all! Please welcome Ms. Kristen Stewart to the group—she debuted her cropped ’do earlier today at the Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris. The bright red hue that once was is back to orange, but there’s, like, eight inches less of it and it looks good. Like, really good. K-Stew can still do her trademark hair swoop, so everything she needs for a good hair day is still there—don’t worry.

I think Karl approves?
Photos: Getty Images

Kristen finished off her new, summery hair with an all-white outfit and Karl Lagerfeld’s company. Though Kristen wears color, she has perma-status when it comes to being a ~vision in black~, so seeing her in white—and totally sheer pants, nonetheless!—is a refreshing change of pace. Just wear a napkin over your entire body when you eat, OK, Kristen?

While Karl may not be showing how much he loves Kristen’s new hair, you know he does—he adores everything she does and, actually, so do we.

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