Jennifer Lawrence And Emma Watson Are Front Row Friends At Dior

Just two pals chillin’.
Photos: Getty Images

Earlier today, two of my best friends hung out without me. Um, hi, Emma and Jen, did you really think there’d be no pics of you two sitting front row at the Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014 show? I see that my potential seat was taken by Sidney Toledano, Christian Dior’s CEO, but that doesn’t lessen the sting. Imagine how cute this pic would look on our fridge. I would’ve Instagrammed it and it would’ve gotten a lot of likes because you’re two of the biggest movie stars in the world with impeccable style, but now that opportunity has passed. R.I.P. what could’ve been.

You even matched in monochrome like we talked about. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here nowhere near Paris drying my tears.

Still just hanging.
Photos: Getty Images

Jen, your leather jacket and very high-waisted skirt look great together. You also look like you’ve been spending some time in the sun, which you deserve, BB. Now that The Hunger Games has wrapped, you need to chill out for a while. Emma, you also look amazing, as always. The sheer part of your one-shoulder dress seems to be voluminous in the back and I am feeling it. I’m also into the pop of red you’ve got on your lips—let me know what shade it is next time we chat? Cool, thanks.

Well, old pals, while I’m pretty upset my invitation got lost in the mail, I have to admit you look great—keep doing your thang, with or without me.

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