Taylor Swift's Fall Keds Collection Is Here

Taylor Swift

Cop Taylor's kicks.
Photos: Getty Images/Keds

Have your sundresses and denim shorts been feeling a little lonely lately? Well, go tell them to cheer up, because their new BFF just entered the world—Taylor Swift's latest Keds collection. The new set of 17 shoes is the perfect combination of preppy and quirky, featuring everything from songbird prints to subtle stripes and polka dots. They may technically be a fall collection, but considering how well they'd go with jorts, there's no one stopping you from wearing them right this second.

After seeing how well T-Swift designs for the current season (remember her spring-y "Braveheart" line from a few months ago?), we may have to petition Keds to release new collaborations more often. I know I would wear anything from a Taylor Swift Christmas collection...and I don't think I'm alone here. Actually, after seeing her Instagram activity over Fourth of July, petition for any holiday line from Taylor—the shoes would be so festive.

Head over to Keds.com to check out Taylor's full line, and get ready to make your summer outfits happy and complete! The best part? Come fall and chillier weather, you can keep wearing the same kicks.

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