Ciara Debuts Brand New, Waist-Length Dreadlocks

We’re obsessed too, Ciara.
Photo: @ciara’s Instagram

We haven’t seen much of Ciara lately, because she’s been busy giving birth and stuff, but over the weekend she surprised/delighted everyone by posting some snapshots that are important for a least 10 billion reasons. They’re especially important, though, because (1) she’s back to work! This is excellent news. More Ciara = more happiness for all. And (2) she’s maybe doing said work with Calvin Klein (that “Obsession” sweatshirt and a shout out to CK’s creative director Italo Zucchelli might be clues, right?). Finally, (3) WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT HER NEW HAIR?! While there’s no explicit mention of it in the photos’ captions, her multicolor dreads would be hard to miss—they’re a big change from the last time we saw her.

Ciara had a great 4th of July weekend.
Photo: @ciara’s Instagram

In May, Ciara was rocking some A+ curls that made her look like a beach-surfer goddess. Before that, she was doing sleek Old Hollywood waves, and before that, she dabbled in a darker hue. Maybe her Future hubby (LOL, get it?) inspired her new look?

Another photo because how can I not and also you’re welcome.
Photo: @ciara’s Instagram

Can we also talk about how she debuted this ’do mere months after giving birth to Future Jr.? Is there a coolest mom ever award? No, there isn’t? Well, then, this GIF will have to suffice.

You are definitely a cool mom, CiCi. 100%.

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