Could Justin Bieber Have A Shot At Modeling?

As the longtime face of the Adidas NEO label he designs, Justin Bieber is no stranger to modeling. Also—hello—his fragrance campaigns, anyone? Over the weekend, he posted a bunch of very Blue Steel snaps to Instagram, indicating that he might be ready to take the modeling thing a little more seriously. Or maybe he’s merely indicating that he really, really likes his shiny blue jacket and just wanted the world to admire it, too. Regardless, let’s take a closer look at them, shall we?

Zoolander vibes.
Photo: @justinbieber’s Instagram

Wearing at least five more pieces of clothing than we’ve seen on him in a while, Justin gave his most soulful hat-tip in front of a very swanky woodgrain backdrop. He accessorized with a tasteful chain-link bracelet, and also an electric fireplace.

This is his “I’m too bashful to look directly at the camera” pose.
Photo: @justinbieber’s Instagram

Then he traded the hand-to-the-heart pose for an equally earnest, super-casual crossed-arm stance while showing off a shiny blue blazer and a shinier white Escalade. (Note: Can we discuss his hair and how very good it looks here? Maybe the lighting is doing all the work, but man, that’s some impressive texture, isn’t it?)

Calvin Klein realness.
Photo: @justinbieber’s Instagram

Um, Biebs, why didn’t you tag this image with a #CastMeMarc hashtag? Sure, the caption “Talk to me Girl” fills us in on who you’re on the phone with (kinda?), but this shot is good enough to be on billboards globally, if you ask me. I’d buy whatever products you’re using in your hair, big time.

Justin Bieber wants to go hiking with you.
Photo: @justinbieber’s Instagram

Again with the suit, but this time Justin goes back to nature by posing on a boulder. Maybe he’s hiking? Or catching some rays? Or just enjoying the great outdoors? The men I know don’t normally hike in suits or wide-brimmed hats, but JB isn’t like other men—he’s a model (potentially).

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