Miley Cyrus Sprouts Pigtail Braids

Overnight hair growth?
Photo: @mileycyrus Instagram

Over the weekend, while you were watching fireworks and eating foods cooked on a grill, Miley Cyrus was posting up a storm on Instagram. Featured in the majority of her uploads was a new hairstyle—very skinny pigtail braids tied with a bow. Last time I checked, Miley had a platinum pixie so, um, where did these li’l guys come from?

I’m confused.
Photo: @mileycyrus Instagram

Miley wore the pigtails all weekend, while getting a tattoo dedicated to Floyd, watching her NBC Bangerz Tour special, and chilling in a bathrobe. Wherever she went, the braids went. How did they stay attached to her head, though? Upon closer inspection, it seems like she drapes one long braid across the top of her head and has the ends tied up in bows. Whether the braid is attached to a headband or with bobby pins is up for debate—let your imagination run wild.

Maybe the braid will become a permanent part of her look? No need to grow out your hair for braids when you can fake ’em, right?

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