Beyonce Shares Sketches From On The Run Tour Wardrobe


Beyonce during her On the Run Tour and Michael Costello's sketch.
Photo: News

Last Sunday, when Beyonce and Jay Z tele-performed for the BET Awards from their On the Run Tour, it was a struggle to make out the details of Bey's high-shine splashy one-piece. Well, Queen B must have read our minds because she posted a snapshot of the moment along with a sketch of the design on her website. As it turns out, the bodysuit was created by Michael Costello, and the BET Awards was a pretty appropriate debut for it since Bey first put Costello's name on the nation's radar when she showed up to another awards show in one of his dresses–the Grammys.

But the most exciting part about seeing the garment up close on our computer screens was discovering that Bey has now added the stories behind each outfit next to their sketch on her site. Clearly she knows what the Beyhive wants. Interestingly, the sequined and spray-painted Michael Costello look alone took "three days committed to a fabric search and nine hours of non-stop solo work by Costello."

That's nothing, though, compared to the other On the Run look Costello designed. Like, at all.


Beyonce on her On The Run Tour and Michael Costello's sketch.

This black lace bodysuit took 72 hours of construction and another 48 hours just to piece it together, which comes out to five days. That is couture on another level. Somehow that's not even the most shocking piece of information about the look, which Costello describes as having "a very cathedral, romantic, Victorian feel." Of all things, it was apparently inspired by Beyonce's hair. "My inspiration comes from Beyonce because I’m a true, die-hard Beyonce fan, but I think it’s her hair and the way that she moves—I try to use that and mimic that into the clothing," he says. To be fair, her hair is amazing. Even an industrial grade fan can't stop it.

With all of the new costumes we've seen so far, it might not feel like it but the On the Run tour is only a week into its schedule. Yep, that means there's still plenty of other outfits for Bey to post about. Stay tuned here for #Beywatch.

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