Here's Your Fail-Proof Fourth Of July Outfit

Fail Proof 4th of July outfit

Illustration: Joshua Covarrubias

Yep, it's the time of year where we all stand outside and stare at the sky while we sweat/shiver/get rained on for the sake of cool explosives. Oh, and celebrate our country's independence. But with every Fourth of July comes the inevitable question, "Ugh, what am I gonna wear?" Well, since we're BFFs and all, we did the hard part and put together a fail-proof ensemble that'll be sure to get you through all those outdoor festivities in one piece. Not only is it sweat-proof, rain-proof, non-flammable (seriously), and drunk-proof, it's also comprised of pieces you probably already have in your wardrobe. Let's break it down.

Every festival-goer knows the key to keeping your hair (somewhat) tame on a scorching hot day is throwing on a hat. Since floppy hats aren't really our vibe (and most likely made of sweat-inducing felt), we opted for a simple snapback that'll keep the frizz at bay, protect your face from too much rain or sun, and not turn you into a human faucet.

Next, you're gonna need a nylon trench. Fun fact: Nylon is fire and water resistant, and if it's too hot, you can use it as a portable blanket to watch dem fireworks. Ta-da! Two for one.

Backpacks are perfect for, well, basically everything, but mostly hiding booze and snacks (which is very important). Plus, they're genuinely hard to lose when they are secured on both shoulders, and they protect all your goods from the elements.

Opt for a cotton-blend top—preferably cropped if you want to keep extra dry—and pair it with 100% cotton denim shorts to keep you cool and cartwheel ready.

Finally, finish the look with some cat-eye sunglasses and low-heeled Chelsea boots. These bad boys can survive anything from muddy grass to rocky terrain and everything in between. Plus, the lack of laces will help those embarrassing trips after too much time with the red Solo cup. (We got you.) But tell us, what will you be wearing this Fourth of July?

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