Wear The American Flag From Head To Toe This Fourth Of July

Happy Birthday, America!
Photo: Urban Outfitters/Forever 21/American Apparel/Journeys

Happy July 3, everyone! If you’re anything like me, Fourth of July really came outta nowhere this year, right? Like, tomorrow is the day with all the BBQs and fireworks? I feel like I was just sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. Anyway, whether or not you forgot tomorrow is a national holiday, you still have time to swag yourself out with the American flag. You can even do so from head to toe, if you’re so inclined. We traveled high and low (on the interwebz) to find the most patriotic gear out there that is available in stores all across the country.

Let’s get started—the big day is quickly approaching!

Photo: Forever 21

You can begin your flagfit (flag + outfit) on your head with this hat from Forever 21. It is currently on sale for $5, but the color is appropriately faded so it looks vintage and will appear like you’ve long been celebrating the U.S.A.

Photo: Forever 21

Next up is your face, on which you can wear flag sunglasses. They provide protection from the sun, won’t smear like face paint will, and cost $3. Between these bad boys and the hat, your head can be patriotic for under $10. How American, right?

Photo: American Apparel

Because the Fourth is bound to be filled with pool parties, time at the beach, baseball games, and more, you’re gonna need some flag apparel you can get wet. Enter: this American flag bathing suit from, appropriately, American Apparel.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

You can layer this tank over your bathing suit for extra pride, or wear it alone—either way you’ll let everyone you’re with know you’re a big-time American.

Photo: American Apparel

I think the Fourth of July may be the only day of the year in which your need to wear full flag regalia trumps how hot it is outside. Early July doesn’t normally invite the desire to wrap your legs in stars and stripes, but the Fourth is different—embrace it. You can shower later.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Like leggings, socks don’t scream summer, but it can get chilly at night. If you come prepared with American flag socks, you’ll be warm and officially dressed head to toe.

Photo: Journeys

Finally, there are these shoes which, TBH, you could wear every single day. The socks and shoes combo may be a bit much, but you’re celebrating the freedom and independence of your country—Thomas Jefferson probably would’ve worn them together, had they existed in 1776.

Luckily, all of this exists in 2014 and is available for the buying. Happy Fourth, y’all!

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