Beyonce And Blue Ivy Show Off Matching Manicures

Beyonce, Blue Ivy

Matching manicures
Photo: @beyonce Instagram

Hello, are you there? Have you recuperated from the most adorable thing you've ever seen in your life? I'm talking about, of course, this picture that Beyonce shared on Instagram of the matching manicures she and Blue Ivy have. Bey opted for a bright red polish and stiletto point, while Blue opted for a slightly deeper color and a round shape. Blue must know it's really hard to play on an iPad with long nails.

While the 10 matching nails are obviously the focal point of this picture, we can't overlook the leopard-print pants Blue has on. Can I nominate Blue for a Best Dressed Two-Year-Old award? I only recently purchased leopard-print pants and I am, like, a teeny bit older than Blue (JK, it's a lot. I'm a lot older).

This isn't the first time Blue and Bey have gone for similar looks—remember when Blue tried on her mom's shoes? If she's killin' it style-wise at two, can you imagine what her teenage years will be like? We may all live in spaceships by then (probably?), but wow, I can't wait.

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