A Closer Look At The 'Teen Wolf' Berserkers Costumes

A Closer Look At The 'Teen Wolf' Berserkers Costumes

So, if you watched the new episode of Teen Wolf on Monday, you know there's a new baddie in town. Actually, there are multiple baddies and they go by the name of Berserkers. They may have only made a brief appearance so far, but these dudes are obviously tough. Barbara Vazquez, Teen Wolf's costume designer, broke down their costumes for us, which include hand-painted, blood-splattered pants. The details, you guys—they're cray.

Barbara explained that the makeup and costume teams worked closely to create the looks—while makeup made the bones and skull helmets, wardrobe took care of their leather pants and other ~tough~ outfit elements.

Teen Wolf Wardrobe Tour

For more info about Teen Wolf's season four wardrobe, watch the video above! To see these guys in all their blood-splatter, Scott-skull-crushing glory, watch episode two below!


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