Kanye West's Latest A.P.C. Collaboration Features Fur, Denim, And More

Kanye West

The newest Kanye x A.P.C. collection.
Photo: @apc_paris Instagram

Yeezy season is truly approaching, y'all! Kanye West and A.P.C.'s long-awaited second collection finally got its release date and it's soon—like July 17 soon. Back in January, we got the first look at 'Ye's much more developed, military-inspired followup for the French basics brand. If you're already familiar with how (artistically) unpredictable Kanye is, it won't come as a shock that he made a ton of changes to the collection, adding and dropping pieces, right up until the last minute. "What happened at the end is exactly what he does to his own records," A.P.C.'s Jean Touitou told Style.com. "So I didn’t take it personally—like when it’s something he makes, and ten days before it drops, and then he wants to start from scratch."

Gone are the balaclavas and parachute pants. Army pants, biker pants, jeans, and a camo tee show up in their stead. Luckily 'Ye kept the collection's most recognizable pieces: a fur-lined parka and his double-denim look. The sweaters also remain unchanged, though they did get a title: "Airport Sweater." IDK about you, but $340 tops are not usually included in my travel wardrobe. Aside from that funny quirk, the collection is a lot closer to A.P.C.'s toned-down aesthetic than it was in January and, more important, the prices are a lot more down-to-earth than Kanye's first collab with them. A basic white tee, for example, will run you $90 instead of $120 like last time.

Sadly, this might be the last A.P.C. x Kanye collaboration we'll see, as Jean Touitou revealed to Style.com that the brand is moving away from collaborations. "I’m tired of collaborating," he said. "Kanye has his own line with Adidas now." Well, we'll miss these A.P.C. collabs, but a full Adidas collection will definitely soften the blow. Never stop collaborating (please), 'Ye!

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