Learn How To Get Becky G's 'Shower' Video Beauty Look

How To Get Becky G's Look From Her New Music Video

The video for "Shower," Becky G's perfect Fourth of July anthem, just dropped and we have the behind-the-scenes deets from the shoot. We know how Becky got #covermoment ready for the shoot (see above), how many earrings were on set, and more. So much more. Let's get started because there is a whole lotta BTS info to take in.

Becky's beauty look is all about "clean and fresh skin," so Sara, her makeup artist, used COVERGIRL Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation because it evens out her skin tone and lasts all day. For natural (but still shimmery!) eyes, Sara used Bombshell Shineshadow and COVERGIRL Eye Enhancers Palette in Coffee Shop. After her shadow is applied comes the most impressive part, IMHO—Becky does a cat eye using one hand to apply Bombshell Intensity Liner! I actually had to use my hands to shut my mouth after this part.

The video features three distinct lip looks—keep your eye out for 'em—so Becky and Sara share how they got the looks using COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lip Gloss. Finally, you'll notice Becky has a very cool two-tone manicure throughout the video, and that's all thanks to XL Nail Gel in bright pink and orange.

Want even more dirt on "Shower" (LOL, get it?)? You're in luck!

Becky G

All the earrings at Becky G's 'Shower' video shoot.
Photo: MTV

So many earrings. Seriously, Becky, how did you even choose?

Becky G

Sunglasses at Becky G's 'Shower' video shoot.
Photo: MTV

Um, can I please have all of these sunglasses? I'll wear a different pair for 22 days straight, I promise. Which pair did Becky ultimately choose? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

Becky G

Yeah, this video is pretty colorful, I'd say.
Photo: MTV

Becky wanted bright colors for the video and, man, did she get 'em. Between the COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lip Glosses, sunglasses, and floral scarf, I feel like I'm poolside even though I'm definitely not.


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