Brow Hero Cara Delevingne Is Interested In Having Her Own Tweezer Line

Cara Delevingne photographed with her bunny Cecil for the ’Telegraph.’
Photo: Telegraph

Last week, Vogue published a profile with Cara Delevingne that was about, among other things, how the model slept through not one but two interviews with the writer. Cara went on the defense, but didn’t deny that it happened (look, growing girls need their sleep, OK?). So, when the Telegraph approached her for an interview, Cara’s only request was that it be conducted in bed. And the reporter obliged, because who wouldn’t want to have a sleepover with Cara Delevingne?

GIF: Telegraph/Jenny Shafei

Though the interview’s intended purpose was to discuss Cara’s Mulberry collaboration, the interview touches on a lot more than style, including sexuality. Cara is extremely open—a quality underlined throughout the interview—so when the conversation veers towards sexuality, she doesn’t shy away from discussing it. “I’m young, I’m having fun, I don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not,” she says. She doesn’t elaborate much, but does say, at this point, she’d rather hang out with girls than dudes because “most guys are not like, ’Oh, we should just be mates.'” She clarified, they “just want to have sex with you.” That’s not all she reveals, though. Like, not at all.

What do you want to kidnap more: that bag or that bunny?
Photo: Telegraph

She says she’s kind of over modeling (which we already knew) and way more into acting these days (which we also knew), but we did learn that she’s pretty into design stuff and would be totally down to do another collaboration in the future—as long as she gets to make the calls. “If I put my name to something, and I am criticised for it, I want to know that I’ve at least had my full stamp on it,” she said. “I’m quite surprised that nobody has asked me to do my own line of tweezers. I totally would love to do that. Or, like, mascara. Cara’s Mascara! Ahahahaha.”

GIF: Telegraph/Jenny Shafei

I, for one, am interested in buying Cara-branded tweezers and/or mascara. Especially if it’ll cost me less than her $1,530 Mulberry bag.

If you want to hear her talk about her dream day off and watch her bunny try her paws at modeling, watch the video below!


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