Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar Might Get Fined For This Underwear


Worth the fine, TBH.
Photo: Getty Images/Blueman

You got to hand it to Neymar. Aside from being Brazil's star player and all, he's a master of his appearance. Not only has he invented his own kind of mohawk, he also showed up at his team's first World Cup game with a new frosted-tip boy band 'do–a look that almost overshadowed his playing. Now he's getting people talking once again with another aesthetic choice: his underwear.

We thought that elaborate hairstyles were the best way for players to show off their personalities, but, um, we somehow totally forgot about what's on under their uniforms. FIFA, the organization that governs the World Cup, isn't pleased with Neymar after he exposed the waistband of his non-officially-sponsored underwear (yes, that's a real thing) at the end of last Monday's Brazil vs. Ghana match. The offense is even fineable.

TBH, as far as fine-worthy underwear goes, Neymar's pick is pretty amazing. Appropriately, he wore a tie-dyed "sunga"–the Brazilian version of the speedo–with his country's colors. You can't rep your country any more than that. If you're in the market for Neymar's sunga, the good news is you can buy it for about $87, a small price to pay for so much team spirit.

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