It's Time To Pay Your Respects To Svpply


Better start saving your links.

It should come as no surprise that we do a lot of online shopping here at MTV Style. (And I do mean a LOT.) When you cover as much e-commerce ground as we do, keeping track of your links in an effective way is a major priority, and nothing has saved us from endless tab life in the shopping department like Svpply. Our love for the product-collecting platform runs so deep, we've given thanks to it over our plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.

Alas, Svpply was acquired by online retail juggernaut eBay in 2012, and now, we're starting to feel the effects of that business deal (aside from the advent of Svpply-like feeds and collections on eBay): and its associated apps—including the oft-overlooked but super-addictive Want app—will ride off into the digital sunset on August 31 (aka IN JUST TWO SHORT MONTHS). If, like us, you're a Svpply fan, we invite you to join us in a moment of silence and an open forum to pay your respects to the beloved custom shopping aggregate.

I only learned about Svpply a year before it was acquired, but it immediately became a major fixture in my internet life. I spent (OK, still spend) an ABSURD amount of time shopping online. Not necessarily even looking for anything. Just obsessively browsing and opening tabs and eating up all of my computer's memory and bandwidth trying to keep everything open. Giving a home to my 13 collections and over 600 wants to date, Svpply made my computer hate me less. R.I.P.

— Gaby Wilson

I joined Svpply in October 2009 (so long ago, in fact, that I was able to score just my first name as the URL #humblebrag), and not to be dramatic, but this site was there for some of the biggest moments in my life. When I launched a business, Svpply helped me curate everything I needed to get our tiny Brooklyn headquarters in check. When I moved across the country, Svpply inspired me to leave most of my Craigslist-sourced NYC furniture behind and get the balls to invest in some real pieces. When I decided it was finally time to add some color into my mostly black (see: goth) lifestyle, Svpply helped me find some colorful things that I didn't totally hate. Basically, Svpply was an endless source of inspiration, and for that, I am forever grateful. <3

— Chrissy Mahlmeister

One of the “downsides” to becoming friends with me is that I have a tendency to bombard the people I care about with links that either amuse me or made me think of them. Svpply helped me cut down the overwhelming amount of e-mails that I’ve sent to my nearest and dearest, translating my product finds into sets, each with a personality reflecting the person I had in mind when I created it. There’s the 22-year old photographer reliving an idealized version of the '90s, my long-suffering roommate who vacillates between punk and pin-up, the friend who married French and now lives in a Godard film, the Waspy college best friend with a weakness for foxes and Lolita, and the Southern Belle whose fondness for '70s silhouettes helped me realize my own fashion point of view. Svpply has been a great tool in helping me visualize what I want and easing me out of my comfort zone of T-shirts and button-downs. Goodbye, old friend.

— Jessie Peterson

I, regrettably, never signed up for Svpply, not because I didn't want to, but because I just hadn't gotten around to it yet. (You know how it goes when an ~"It"~ new social media network pops up.) But! I would have undoubtedly gone on to be one of the most frequent Svpply users if they hadn't gone and dashed my dreams by closing it all down. I dipped my toe a bit ages ago, but I've always been anti-Pinterest (what?! I'm not planning a wedding, and I don't do crafts, and I hate cooking, so what relevance does Pinterest have to me?) and pro-Tumblr, and Svpply seemed like just another way to enable my online shopping addiction which, if you saw my bank statement, you'd know needs no further enabling. So while my bank account may be relieved to see Svpply go, my heart is sad.

— Casey Lewis

I learned about Svpply from Gaby when I started working here. I never knew whether it was pronounced with a “u” or a “v,” and even now, in its final days, I remain clueless. I only used Svpply to collect items for posts I was writing—the site helped me round up my favorite One Direction merch to clothing covered in hamburgers. Those two things are, honestly, the two most important things in my life. The other items on my Svpply page are things Gaby once put there that I never removed because I didn’t know how to, and also, I like keeping tabs on Gaby’s internet activities. With the demise of Svpply, I’ll have to collect my fave 1D merch elsewhere (like my bedroom). Farewell, pretty recent pal. I’ll miss Gaby’s stuff the most.

— Maeve Keirans

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