We Know Where To Get Malia's American Flag Shorts From The 'Teen Wolf' Premiere

Teen Wolf

Steal Malia's style for yourself.
Photo: MTV/Macy's

In case you somehow missed the news, let me be the first to break it to you: Teen Wolf is back, y'all! Our fave werewolves, banshee, kitsune, and regular ol' human (<3 Stiles <3) returned to us last night in a big way. There is also a werecoyote in the mix now—that's right, Malia (Shelley Hennig) from season three is officially part of the ~crew~.

The gang is down in Mexico and Malia—who, like, just became a human—is dressed the most appropriately for the weather in a long-sleeved shirt and American-flag-print shorts. What's that? You would love to know where those shorts are from, considering 4th of July is next week? We gotchu.

The shorts come from Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren (a lot of the wardrobe on Teen Wolf does, actually) and, as luck would have it, are on sale for $50. These are not your average shorts, either—they're made of camouflage material, not denim. Seriously, could these be any more American?

To see these shorts in action, as well as Malia existing as a human (spoiler: empathy doesn't come, um, naturally to her), watch the season four premiere below!


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