Is Kanye West Teaching Fashion Classes For Community Service?

Kanye West

That's ~Professor~ West to you.
Photo: Getty

What comes to mind when you think about community service? Volunteering at a homeless shelter? Putting in time at a food pantry? Collecting trash on the side of a highway? According to TMZ, Kanye West has been knocking out his court-ordered service hours by...teaching a fashion class at a local Los Angeles college (continuing to prove that he's not like you and me).

After he was charged with criminal battery for allegedly beating up a paparazzi last year, Kanye was sentenced 24 months informal probation and 250 hours community service. So it would make sense that 'Ye would give back the best way he knows how: by imparting his style wisdom. If you'll recall, he visited Harvard to talk to design students last year (of his own free will, not by order of the court), where he famously said:

"I really do believe that the world can be saved through design, and everything needs to actually be 'architected.' And this is the reason why even some of the first DONDA employees were architects that started designing T-shirts instead of buildings. But just to see the work actually be actualized. If I sit down and talk to Oprah for two hours, the conversation is about realization, self-realization, and actually seeing your creativity happen in front of you. So, the reason why I turn up so much in interviews is because I’ve tasted what it means to create and be able to impact, and affect in a positive way."

Yesterday, he reportedly hit up L.A. Trade Technical College to share even more of those thoughts and is expected to be chipping away at the community service hours at a bunch of different schools. If this is real, we'd like to shake the hand of the judge who made all this happen. Maybe your university is next? BRB, enrolling in classes.

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