One Direction Has A New Makeup Line Coming, Niall Horan To Wear It

One Direction

I think new 1D makeup is coming?
Photo: Niall Horan's Twitter

One Direction has a ton of products attached to their name. There are shoes, eyeglasses, multiple fragrances, and even a makeup collection, because if you put those cute li'l faces on something, Directioners (myself included, natch) will snatch it up. Well, it looks like Directioners have a fellow fan of One Direction-endorsed products in Mr. Niall Horan.

The band's lone Irishman shared a picture of his hands with numerous color swatches across them–he even has on multiple nail polishes. I guess we can assume 1D is getting a second makeup line because, according to Niall, the band had a meeting about makeup and it's "that good I'm gon[n]a start wearing it myself." Well, Niall, that will be a new look for you, but I'm not opposed—some of the shadows you're showing off would really complement your eyes.

There is no word on when the new line is coming, who's releasing it, or what's included, but based purely on Niall's hands, it seems like nail polishes, eye shadows, eye liners, and lip glosses are safe bets. Between these new products and You & I, my beauty game is going to be One Direction-filled this summer. I mean, the rest of my life already is, TBH, why should my cosmetics collection be any different?

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