Miley Cyrus Performs As A #Cyberhippie

Flowers + metallics = #cyberhippies.
Photo: @mileycyrus Instagram

For a while there it felt like Miley Cyrus was debuting new outfits at every performance. There were the seven new ones when she took the Bangerz Tour to Europe, and even after that, there was a custom Kenzo leotard, tinsel, and new add-ons like face paint. It seemed like Miles slowed her roll, but over the weekend, she broke out a new metallic outfit laced with neon flowers for the Capital Summertime Ball in London.

It’s definitely worth noting that she ALSO resurrected a trend I hoped I’d never see again—moon boots. I will admit, though, they look much cuter with floral appliqués. While Miley wore full-coverage pieces, her backup dancers wore disco ball-esque mirrored pasties and jorts. If you’re wondering what to call this look, Miley appears to have given it a name via Instagram: #cyberhippies.

Photo: @mileycyrus Instagram

There was a matching jacket that Miley wore pre-show that was fully covered with the same multicolor flowers. To tie in with her recent accessory game as of late, the jacket also features some pom-poms. If Miley wants to start selling this jacket at her Bangerz Tour merch stand, I’d be much obliged.

If the look seems familiar to you, you’re not alone. We haven’t heard it from Miss Cyrus herself, but between the neons and metallics and moon boots, it seems to be a clear homage to her latest BFF, the Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. Does this new outfit foreshadow a major style shift? The European leg came to an end last night, but she’ll be performing in New York on August 1. We’re betting on some new ~lewks~.

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