We Know You Want Rihanna's Majestic As F*** Shirt


Get Rihanna's shirt (baby not included).
Photo: @rihanna Twitter/Ktag Clothing

If you're anything like me, you know that Rihanna has been hanging out with a baby a lot in the past few weeks. This baby (her niece) has been front row for a slew of different Aunty OhNaNa looks, including the above "Majestic As F***" T-shirt. Babies can't read, y'know?

Adults can read, though, and if you want everyone to know how majestic you are, we found the shirt for you. It comes from Ktag Clothing, and while the women's version is currently sold out, the men's is still available for $38. LBR, given her love of menswear, Rihanna's probably wearing that version anyway.

While shirts with profanities splayed across them are not ideal for work and/or school, they are ideal for channeling Rihanna wherever else allows. Whether or not you wear it while hanging out with a newborn baby is up to you.

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