This Is The Summer Of The Girl Gang

Girl Gangs

Girls, girls, girls.
Photo: Net-A-Porter/Etsy/Nylon Shop/Opening Ceremony

Dudes are cool and everything, but nothing gets between us and our main girl crew. Now that summer's here, it's officially time to gather your favorite ladies and take over the whole dang city—in the most badass outfit possible, of course. As it turns out, some of our favorite designers are creating some killer girl gang-worthy pieces as of late, and we're so stoked to see the lady love everywhere we turn. At the very top of our list, obviously, is the Zoe Karssen jersey sweatshirt that spells out our agenda pretty clearly. We'd also kill to get our hands on (heh) the Charlotte Olympia technicolor "Girls" clutch, which comes with a glorious gold pouch inside. (Warning: Before you fall in love, just know that this bad boy costs a steep $1,495. We give it to you straight here at MTV Style.)

We also love the "Home" and "Girls" BFF bracelets that come in our go-to gold-and-black color combo and the "Girls, Girls, Girls" tote that we could wear, well, basically every single day for the rest of our lives. We also had to include the infamous Opening Ceremony sweater that Girls star Lena Dunham (and Pharrell!) sported just last month, which we're loving in the black and white version (#summergoth). (Fun fact: This sweatshirt's "Girls! Girls! Girls!" reference is actually paying homage to Elvis Presley's 1962 musical movie of the same name, but, hey, no one has to know the difference.) So tell us, will you be swiping up any girl-themed pieces this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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