Taylor Swift Pairs Her Crop Top With New Furry Accessory

Taylor Swift, Olivia Benson

Meet Olivia Benson.
Photo: @taylorswift's Instagram

And by "furry accessory" we don't mean Tay is walking around in New York City's heat and humidity dressed in a floor-length mink coat or these whackadoo sneaker wedges, but rather with her brand-new baby kitten in hand. Before PETA protests, I realize pets aren't *technically* accessories. They live and breathe and feel feelings, just like you and me. But! Is there a cuter addition to any outfit—or life in general—than a baby animal? There is not. Just ask Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, or Paris Hilton (remember Tinkerbell? What ever happened to Tinkerbell? Do we even want to know?).

Anyway, yesterday, noted cat lady Taylor Swift introduced the world to Meredith's newborn little sister. The adorably named Olivia Benson (recovering addicts of SVU, represent!) wore chic white mohair (OK, that's just her hair, but play along) for her big debut, while her typically conservatively dressed mother opted for a crop top and matching skater skirt from Bloomingdales, both of which can be yours—whenever the top comes back in stock, anyway—for less than a hundo. Because, stars? They really are just like us!

Taylor Swift

Meet Olivia Benson.
Photo: Getty Images

I can't hook you up with your own Olivia Benson quite so easily, unfortunately, but I hear Petfinder.com is a reliable resource for these kinds of furry accessories, and SVU is on Hulu and Netflix. Good luck!

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