Demi Lovato Shows Off Her Freckles In Her Latest No-Makeup Selfie

Demi Lovato

BRB, drawing freckles on my face so I can look like Demi.
Photo: @ddlovato's Instagram

Demi Lovato can rock a smoky eye or a statement lip with the best of 'em—and often does—but the girl doesn't need a 24/7 makeup artist to look *flawless*. Yesterday, she posted (yet another!) inspiring makeup-free selfie for us all to collectively gasp and obsess over. Those brows! That skin! THOSE FRECKLES! It's almost too much to take.

We anointed Demi the queen of the no-makeup selfie months ago, and she's since been living up to the title in the biggest way. (Demi never disappoints with ANYTHING, but especially anything related to social media and/or generally being awesome.)

But anyway, here's the thing: Whether you're Demi Lovato or, y'know, you, makeup doesn't stand a chance in the summer. When you're hitting the pool or heading to the beach or even simply standing on a subway platform so hot and crowded the only relief comes from the sweat of the people pushed against you (I wish I wasn't speaking from experience), it's best to do like Demi and embrace a less-is-more approach. Melting foundation or mascara tears aren't a good look for anyone. Just don't forget to wear sunscreen, OK?


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