Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, And More Are Obsessed With The Ashish x Topshop Collection, And So Am I

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus in an Ashish x Topshop bathing suit.
Photo: @mileycyrus Instagram

Yesterday, Miley Cyrus posted photos of herself in a bright orange swimsuit next to her sister who was, for some unknown reason, wearing a leopard print onesie, ears, and a painted-on nose and whiskers. While her sister's outfit warrants its own discussion, we're here to talk about Miley's swimsuit—it's from the brand new Ashish x Topshop collection. Miley isn't the only female pop star to be as into this collection as we are—Rita Ora, Lily Allen, and Katy Perry have also shown off their pieces. The collection is all over Instagram and I'd like to get in on it, OK?

Miley, actually, is the only celeb to show off a piece from the collection that we plebes can buy online. I thank you for that, Miley.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora in Ashish x Topshop shoes.
Photo: @ritaora Instagram

Rita Ora, on the other hand, showed off the light-up sneakers that have been making the rounds on Instagram. The shoes sold out within the hour, so there go my dreams of getting my feet in a pair of these.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen with an Ashish x Topshop bag and in the light-up shoes.
Photo: Splash News/@lilyallen Instagram

Lily Allen was perhaps the forerunner in introducing the same light-up sneakers into her wardrobe back in February (she wore them to the 2014 Brit Awards, BTW #hero), and she continues to show off her love for the collaboration, recently wearing the slides and the LED backpack. Lily is living my light-up dream life, TBH.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry in Ashish x Topshop shoes.
Photo: Splash News/@katyperry Instagram

Finally, there's Katy Perry, who is obviously very into the light-up sneakers. She is into all things that glow and so am I. KP and I are very similar in that regard, actually. Where we diverge, however, is the minor detail in which she has these shoes and I long for them. NBD, really.

Hey, Miley, Rita, Lily, and Katy, I'm owning this collection vicariously through you. Please never stop sharing what these things look like IRL. Thank you.

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